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The Hanns and Steffy Eisler Foundation

The Hanns and Steffy Eisler Foundation is a non-profit-making foundation under the trusteeship of the International Hanns Eisler Society. Its origins lie in a will by Steffy Eisler (1919-2003).

On the basis of its statutes, the board of the foundation decides on submitted project applications twice a year. The closing dates for applications in any one year are March, 31st and September, 30th.

Further information, in particular regarding the content and formal requirements for applications, can be found in the funding guidelines. Applications must be submitted by email to the address given below, including the completed electronic forms (PDF format) as an attachment:

– Funding guidelines (PDF): download
– Application form (PDF) for events: download
– Application form (PDF) for publications: download

Foundation Board
Prof. Dr. Paul W. Hertin (chairman)
Gert Behrens (deputy chairman)
Prof. Klaus Völker (deputy chairman)

Hanns und Steffy Eisler Stiftung
c/o Internationale Hanns Eisler Gesellschaft
Eisenbahnstraße 21
10997 BERLIN
Email: stiftung[at]hanns-eisler.de